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Hey, here is the story of how we created the documentary, let's begin at the beginning!

At the time I had the idea of making a documentary, I met KÖM, an amazing production agency thanks to a mutual friend.
They were cool, smart, talented and we shared the same vision of what a documentary about the future of work could be.

laetitia vitaud, work in progress documentary, future of work
Work in Progress, kom, documentary

Our setup in Laetitia's garden!


Guillaume, Florent and I. They are the directors of Work in Progress.

For our first shooting day, we started with some shots in Paris in the morning and then went to Normandy to record an interview with Laetitia Vitaud.

She was the perfect speaker to kickstart the project and she even taught me how to do a headstand!

Watch our behind the scene video!

At the end of August, we went to the Vexin to record the interview with Louise: a fun morning trying to avoid the sounds from the neighbor's roster and the bells of the church!

A few days later, we were in Barcelona with Cecilia from MOB. We even had time to share some tapas with Albert Cañigueral! (His book is available!)

work in progress documentary, future of work, louise racine
work in progress documentary, future of work, cecilia tham

The pandemic didn't help, we had to postpone some shooting at the last minute, find other speakers, adapt our calendar ... At first I was disappointed, but then I realized: the uncertainty mindset is part of the Future of Work!

work in progress documentary, future of work, girlgoneabroad
work in progress documentary, future of work, girlgoneabroad

Our next stop was Amsterdam. You have to be right on time to meet with a digital nomad because they're always on the move!


We spent a fun day with Lauren, we even rented a cargo bike in which we put Guillaume with his camera to capture the best shots to illustrate Lauren's life.

In October, we were back in Paris!

Rodolphe shared his vision of remote work (you should follow him on Twitter, seriously).

Ugo showed us that YouTuber is now a real job. Given how we laughed, he truly is an actor.

work in progress documentary, future of work, rodolphe dutel

Our next shooting brought us to Berlin to meet with Joriam from the Enspiral community in the beautiful spaces of Factory Berlin.

In december we were back again in Paris to shoot with Yoann, the founder of Snowball.

yoann lopez, work in progress
work in progress documentary, future of work, ugo marchand

Our last interview was with David Heinemeier Hansson, a.k.a. DHH. First scheduled in SF, then Copenhagen, we finally recorded it on Zoom!


Now we organize screenings with companies, schools, communities, if you want to host one, get in touch!

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