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Comic book

BD Work in Progress, samuel durand, sophie streich

We are delighted to be supported in this project by the Groupe Randstad France  !

Read their preface in the book!

The story of Work in Progress documentary, adapted into a comic book.

A mix of reality and fiction where our main character, a young graduate starts a roadtrip in Europe to meet with pioneers who have found meaning in work.

Co-authored by Samuel Durand and Sophie Streich, published by Eyrolles (2022)

“Rafraichissant, instructif et

furieusement dans l’ère du temps…”

le parisien, bd, work in progress

"Travailler peut rimer avec plus de liberté."


"Les pérégrinations de Sam sont l’occasion de dresser une fresque du futur du travail."

work in progress, wttj, et si on travaillait autrement

"Un voyage initiatique au cœur des nouvelles formes d'emplois."

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