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You liked the documentary, and now you want to spread its ideas within your company, great!

We have the perfect event ready for you!

Since its release, we have organized +60 screenings within different organizations, schools, events...
It's the perfect way to engage your audience on the Future of Work!

management, future of work

"Le documentaire qui éclaire sur les enjeux de l'avenir du travail"

work in progress

"Un voyage initiatique"


"Une boite à outils."

documentaire future of work

"Le documentaire offre un tour d’horizon très complet des mutations à l’œuvre dans le monde professionnel"

We're sparing you the endless list of logos of companies we worked with, here are some pictures of our events instead!

future of work, samuel durand, work in progress
samuel durand, work in progress
work in progress, kom, future of work
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