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work in progress documentary, future of work, samuel durand,

"I can't wait for the end of the day, I can't wait for the weekend, I can't wait for the holidays, I can't wait for retirement ... " STOP

Why should work be a burden that we should get rid of as soon as possible? Can't we enjoy working, find meaning and fulfillment in it? 


No matter how old you are, sooner or later you will reflect on the meaning of your work and wonder about the options available to you. Fortunately, work has evolved considerably since the last century and its very definition has expanded! Individuals now have the choice to reject linear careers in order to develop their own path and consider work from a positive perspective. These transformations are not the exclusive privilege of the younger generation but reflect a major paradigm shift that concerns society as a whole. 


Recent technological progress, new managerial practices and new attitudes towards work now make it possible to create several options for those who want to give meaning to what they do. 


Work for a company that gives you trust, become a digital nomad, start freelancing, earn a living from your passion, join a community ...


These different ways of giving meaning to work are far from being unique and others will soon be invented. This is the principle of the Future of Work, nothing is set in stone! 

We use the expression Future of Work to describe the best practices, methods, and trends of a minority of individuals who are “ahead of their time” and whom we consider “in the future”. The Future Of Work is already a reality for some people and we will talk about their work as “ the future” until it is adopted by a majority of people.


Work in Progress offers a positive vision of work. A work that is not alienating, but on the contrary, a source of fulfillment. Today, it is up to each person to create his or her own work environment according to his or her personal aspirations, within the Future of Work.


Work in Progress opens the scope of possibilities.


Samuel Durand

Work in Progress documentary, future of work, samuel durand, documentaire

Lauren is a digital nomad for more than 5 years. She has visited 51 countries while working as she just needs her laptop and a wifi connection.

She also shares her way of life on the blog Girlgoneabroad.

Follow Lauren on Instagram.

Rodolphe DUTEL

Rodolphe is the founder of


Previously, he was the  Director of Operations at Buffer, a fully remote company and started his career at Google.

Follow Rodolphe on Twitter.

Work in progress, Rodolphe Dutel, Future of work

Laetitia VITAUD

Laetitia is a writer and speaker about the Future of Work and consumption. 

Recently, she wrote Du labeur à l'ouvrage (From Labour to Work).


She is the editor in chief of the HR media of Welcome to the Jungle and the cofounder of Nouveau Départ.

Follow Laetitia on Twitter.

Laetitia Vitaud, work in progress, future of work

Joriam RAMOS

Joriam is a member of the Enspiral community, in which he works as a catalyst.

In his job, he experiences the Future of Work on a daily basis.

Follow him on Twitter.

Cecilia THAM

Cecilia is the founder of the Makers of Barcelona (MOB): a coworking space and fabcafe. 

She is also the cofounder of AllWomen, a speaker and designs the Future at Futurity Studio

Follow Cecilia on Twitter.


cecilia tham, work in progress, documentary
Work in progress, future of work, documentary, lauren carey

Lauren CAREY

Lauren has been a digital nomad for more than 5 years. She has visited 51 countries while working as she just needs her laptop and a wifi connection.

She also shares her way of life on the blog Girlgoneabroad.

Follow Lauren on Instagram.

Work in progress, ugo marchand, lolywood, documentaire


Ugo turned his hobby into a job: YouTuber.

He is part of the YouTube channel Lolywood and every week they share a new video to their 3m+ of subscribers.

Subscribe to Lolywood on YouTube and follow Ugo on Instagram.

Work in progress, documentary, louise racine


Louise is a freelancer. She works as a social media consultant.

Previously, she worked in salaried jobs and after ten years, she decided to become a freelancer when she got pregnant: to adapt her work to her life.

Louise is also the cofounder of Lookoom, a collective of freelancers.

Follow her on Twitter.

Yoann Lopez

Yoann is the founder of Snowball a newsletter he created in early 2020.

In less than a year he gathered thousands of subscribers turning his side project into his main activity. 

Welcome to the Passion Economy!

Follow Yoann on Twitter.


David Heinemeier Hansson

David is the cofounder of Basecamp, a remote company since day one.


They experience the Future of Work for years now. David co-authored NYT best-selling books to share their vision and best practices! 

Follow him on Twitter.

DHH, basecamp, remote work, work in progress

We met with the speakers at home, in coworking spaces, through Zoom calls, all over Europe.

Work in Progress was filmed between June 2020 and January 2021.


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