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Work in Progress (2021) is a documentary exploring recent trends in the world of work.

Sam visits experts and people all over Europe who are reinventing the way we work to find meaning: fully remote companies, freelancers, nomads, makers, creators, collectives, communities...

"In the 21st century, we are now able to find the work environment that suits us, to find the codes we identify with, and if they don't exist, it's up to us to create them!"

Available worldwide: Curiosity Stream, Spicee, Welcome Originals, Filmin and Vimeo.

Why do we even work? (2022) explores the different drivers of motivation. Why do some of us like to go to work? Why do we join one company rather than another? And why do we stay? For what are we willing to exchange our most precious resource, our time?


On the agenda, is a three-step reflection on our relationship to work within companies:

  • The How: The work environment, the colleagues who become friends, the learnings, the benefits granted by the company, the organization...

  • The What: The tasks carried out within the company and how they can be more or less fulfilling depending on how they are performed.

  • The Why: The mission of the company we join and to which we contribute, our purpose, the meaning of our efforts, and the alignment between our personal values and the goals of the company. 

Available worldwide on Curiosity Stream, Spicee and Vimeo

We'd love to hear your feedback on the documentaries, please reach out on Insta or LinkedIn if you feel like chatting! We organize screenings within schools and companies, say hello here if you'd like to host one!

We're proud to be supported by companies engaged in the Future of Work, discover them in this video from our preview.

We're now working on a new documentary, to be released in 2023, follow us on social media to discover the backstage!

Have you already read our comic book? We had fun writing it, check it out!

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